Dad allegedly puts loaded gun in young son’s backpack and takes him to school

A Florida father was arrested Thursday after allegedly leaving his loaded gun in his 8-year-old son’s backpack and taking him to school with the weapon in tow.

An arrest report obtained by the Miami Herald stated that Ramon Nuiry, 53, returned to Kendale Elementary after realizing his grave mistake. Once there, he reportedly had staff call his son down to the office and retrieved the 9MM Smith & Wesson—leading a concerned parent who witnessed the ill-advised act to call police.

Nuiry was arrested Thursday afternoon when he picked son up from school. The father confessed to police and officers recovered the gun inside his car, the report said.

While it’s not immediately known why the gun was placed in the third-grader’s backpack, some parents of children who attend the elementary school were upset with administrators for not notifying them sooner.

“I was so glad that the kid didn’t take out the gun or did anything else with it. As a parent, I would have loved to know ahead of time so I could pick up my child,” Jayaira Lopez told WQAM.

Another parent who spoke to the news station was upset that the third-grader wasn’t expelled.

“I understand that the boy’s father put it there but there have to be consequences,” Betty Esposito offered.

“The little boy is sitting in the classroom today and I personally don’t feel that’s correct, It could have been really tragic, you know, a lot of people could be planning a funeral, yes we were blessed, yes were lucky but we gotta stop this.”

Nuiry was charged with possessing a weapon on school grounds, improper exhibition of a weapon, and possession of a concealed firearm. WQAM reported that he bonded out of jail Thursday night.

[Featured Image: Ramon Nuiry/Miami-Dade Corrections Department]