Man accused of raping toddler girl while mom wasn’t home

A 24-year-old Louisiana man is facing criminal charges for allegedly raping a 3-year-old child.

The victim reportedly told her mother that Levon Jennings did something “ugly” to her. An arrest warrant obtained by the Monroe New Star stated that the little girl also claimed Jennings told her that he had some medicine for her.

The victim claimed the assault took place when her mother was away from the home for an hour. Investigators said the girl recalled Jennings inappropriately touching her on several places on her body, according to KNOE. Additionally, the New Star wrote that the victim recounted her story and used a body diagram during an interview at the Children’s Advocacy Center.

Police began their investigation on Monday. A medical examination indicated that the toddler girl was possibly subjected to sexual abuse, the warrant stated.

The girl’s mother reportedly explained that she had previously referred to a bottle of cocoa butter lotion as “medicine.” Officers collected a blanket from the home to determine if a fluid left on it was semen or lotion, the New Star reported.

Jennings was charged with first-degree rape and oral sexual battery and is currently jailed on $600,000 bond.

The suspect’s connection to the victim and her mother was not immediately known.


[Featured Image: Levon Jennings/Ouachita Correctional Center]