Facebook Live murder: Ex-boyfriend asks mom of 3 if she wants to be ‘famous’ before shooting her to death

A Louisana man is accused fatally shooting his ex-girlfriend Thursday morning while she streamed on Facebook Live.

KTBS reported that Johnathan Robinson, 36, is also accused of wounding an officer in the wrist during the shootout that left Rannita Williams, 27, dead. Robinson is reportedly heard telling an unidentified person to hand Williams the phone so she can apologize; he doesn’t explain the reason for the apology.

Williams is heard apologizing to her viewers and someone she’s apparently talking to on a separate phone. The unidentified person, who Williams calls “Rica” several times, can be heard throughout the livestream. About a minute in, an aggravated Robinson supposedly interrupts their conversation.

“Huh? You really think I’m worried about the police right now? Huh? You think I’m worried about the police right now?  Tell tell tell ya b****h I ain’t worried about now f**king police ya heard?” he says before instructing someone, possibly police, to “pull up.”

Robinson is allegedly recorded asking Williams if she wanted to be famous, to which she responds, “No.”

Johnathan Robinson
[Image: Johnathan Robinson/Louisiana Police]
“Wanna be famous, Imma make you famous. Everybody wanna be famous, let’s be famous today,” he’s reportedly heard saying.

Shots are fired moments later and the camera shifts, putting Williams out of frame. Williams can be heard begging Robinson to stop before he allegedly opens fire on the mother of three.

“Now b***h, game over.  Game over, b***h,” Robinson reportedly says before the stream ends abruptly.

The slain woman’s family told the Shreveport Times that Robinson was an ex-boyfriend. The couple had been “on and off” for about five years and had split about two years ago, they said.

Williams’ cousin, Trina Williams, told the newspaper that Robinson came to the home “to torture her.”

After shooting Williams, Robinson allegedly stayed in the home for nearly 80 minutes before surrendering to police. Shortly following his arrest, Robinson reportedly broke a pipe in his cell, causing a flood. He was ultimately moved to another jail, according to KTBS.

The news station reported that Robinson was arrested in 2015 for beating another ex-girlfriend. Robinson confronted responding officers then went back into the home and continued to beat the woman. At one point, he threatened to shoot police if they came in. Reports stated that officers used their Tasers several times to subdue him.

Robinson is currently being held at the Caddo Correctional Center on charges of second-degree murder and convicted felon in possession of a firearm.

[Featured Image: Rannita Williams/Facebook Live]