Daughter, 4, comes home from day care with 3 missing teeth, busted nose and bruises: Report

A Kansas mother wants answers weeks after her 4-year-old daughter came home from day care with three teeth missing and a busted lip.

Donisha Franklin told WDAF that she noticed her daughter, Heaven, had returned from Kingdom Christian Academy Daycare on March 1 with a swollen nose. Upon further inspection, she reportedly discovered that three of Heaven’s front teeth were gone and her top lip was bruised, she said.

“She said one of the students from her class pushed her down and knocked her teeth out,” Franklin told the news station.

“This is another four-year-old that we’re talking about. I never received a phone call from anyone at the day care, and you would think when something like this happens, that they have certain procedures to follow.”

Heaven reportedly told her mother that she was in the gym after school when a boy in her class beat her up. The girl claimed that her teacher used a cold towel to treat her injuries.

According to Franklin, that same teacher apologized and explained that her daughter and the boy had an altercation. However, David Walker, the manager of the day care and pastor of the neighboring church, allegedly claimed the 4-year-old caused her own injuries.

Franklin said she pulled Heaven out the Leavenworth day care because Heaven was afraid for her own safety, reportedly saying that the “monsters are going to get her.”

The Kansas mother claimed she’s reached out to police and the Department of Children and Families. She said she also plans to speak with a lawyer about the incident.

“I don’t believe that was an accident for one second,” she said.

[Featured Image: Heaven/WDAF]