Clara Harris: Dentist who repeatedly ran over cheating husband, killing him, to be released after serving 15 years

A Texas woman in prison for the 2002 slaying of her husband will be released from a Gatesville prison after spending 15 years behind bars.

The Houston Chronicle reported that Clara Harris, now 60, learned in November that she would be paroled on May 11. Convicted of manslaughter, Harris served 15 of a 20-year sentence for repeatedly running over her orthodontist husband David Harris, 44, for having an affair with his receptionist.

Clara Harris had hired a private investigator to follow her husband. On the day of his death, the investigator notified Clara that David and the receptionist were at a Hilton. Clara confronted the receptionist in the parking lot, an encounter that escalated when Clara assaulted and bit her. Clara had used her Mercedes-Benz to strike the receptionist before repeatedly running her husband over.

David Harris’ then-17-year-old daughter from another marriage was in the passenger seat when her father was killed.

The teen testified against her stepmother and claimed that she ran over his father three times, according to the newspaper. The private investigator had also recorded Clara’s altercation with the receptionist and David’s final moments.

Her parole attorney claimed the jailed dentist has been a model inmate and helped translate text books into braille for the blind, according to KTRK.

Clara, who is from Colombia, will remain on parole until February 2023. Victims’ advocate Andy Kahan said that David’s family was surprised by the decision.

“I’m glad she’s getting out,” Clara’s former defense attorney George Parnham told WFAA. “I wish it would have happened sooner.”

[Featured Image: Clara Harris/Christina Melton Crain Unit]