Second-grader comes to school with kitchen knife & randomly slashes three classmates: Police

A second-grader in Minnesota came to school Monday with a kitchen knife and slashed three classmates in what police called a random attack.

Sauk Rapids Police Chief Perry Beise said the three students at Pleasantview Elementary School suffered “superficial wounds to the backs of their heads that needed to be stitched up.”

The injured children, ages 8, 9, and 13, have been released from the hospital and are at home recovering, according to KARE.

Per the St. Cloud Times, Interim Superintendent Bruce Watkins said the “second-grade student entered the building, put his backpack away and pulled out a knife and struck three students.” The superintendent claimed the stabbing transpired in a hallway near an entrance where students were arriving, according to the Star-Tribune.

Watkins claimed the attack lasted five minutes. Chief Beise explained that, after stabbing three classmates, the 8-year-old went to the office and put the knife down.

Since the incident stated before school, Watkins said classes were not interrupted. Parents of children who attend the elementary were reportedly notified that morning.

“I don’t think he thought it was a joke,” Chief Beise said. “I don’t think he had an intended target when he came to school with a knife. We’re not sure exactly why he came to school with a knife.”

The 8-year-old who allegedly carried out Monday’s attack was taken into custody but is now in his parents’ care, according to the St. Cloud Times. WCCO reported that the chief said there’s no indication that the child’s parents will face criminal charges.

[Featured Image: Pleasantview Elementary School/WCCO video screengrab]