Photos show infants bound in sleep sacks with hair ties, day care under investigation

Officials have launched an investigation after pictures surfaced reportedly showing babies tied up in a sleep sack at a Kansas day care.

A woman named Tanya told KHSB that her 7-month-old son was among the babies shown in the pictures taken at Miss Anne’s Daycare. Tayna claimed the Department of Children and Families informed her of the pictures in late March. In addition to Tayna, WKRC reported that at least two other parents received similar phone calls from the DCF.

A photo reportedly shows Tanya’s child lying on his stomach and being swaddled by a sleep sack fastened with a hair tie.

In a phone interview, mother Deirdre Engle told KHSB that her daughter, Elora, was also tied up at the Leavenworth day care. Like Tayna, Engle said her baby was laying on her stomach and bound.

“She can’t roll over, she can’t sit up, if she were to cough up any of her formula, she’d choke. I got scared for her. She’s been at this day care since she was 5 weeks old. I’ve trusted these people for her entire life and I was wrong,” Engle said, adding that she pulled her daughter out the day care on March 27.

In a since-deleted Facebook post, Miss Anne’s Daycare explained that the teacher accused of tying up the babies had been fired.

“We had an incident reported to the state of Kansas, about a teacher in the infant room. The investigation is currently ongoing, but in the best interest of the children and the rest of the staff in our center, the teacher in question is no longer working at Miss Anne’s,” the post read.

Tayna and Engle also expressed concern that officials waited to notify them of their investigation.

Department of Children and Families declined to comment on the incident, citing an ongoing investigation. However, the Kansas Department of Health and Environment issued a statement to the news station explaining how and when it notifies parents.

“KDHE’s child care licensing protocol for investigating complaint allegations does involve contacting parents of children in care (as well as facility staff and other potential witnesses) when allegations and concerns relate to child care practices and/or the care and supervision of children,” the agency said.

“This does not mean every parent will be contacted, as contacts are made for the purpose of determining compliance vs. notifying parents an investigation is underway.”

[Featured Image: KHSB video screengrab]