Expose The Criminals In Your Neighborhood With This Government Records Tool

Don’t get fooled by the scumbags in your neighborhood.

As told to Ed Smith — Sponsored by TruthFinder

Finally, regular people can expose the secret criminal lives of almost everyone they know.

You already know that crooks are everywhere. Your neighbor might be hiding drug charges. Your friend might have swept a few assault arrests under the rug. And let’s be honest, even your spouse might be hiding some dirty details about their life before you got married.

But thanks to a new tool, that kind of secrecy ends now.

To uncover the truth about almost anyone, just search their name using TruthFinder. I used it to look up everybody in my neighborhood, and it revealed that not everyone was as honest as they appeared.

Get Access To Government Records

TruthFinder works by pulling data from government public records. This is information that the feds and state governments know about almost everybody. I’m talking about criminal records, address records, contact information, and even financial information.

Here’s why this is a game changer for anyone who is serious about protecting themselves and their family from all the scumbags of the world.

One Search Can Cut Through The Lies And Get To The Truth

Government agencies collect records about everybody from the cradle to the grave. These kinds of records used to be locked away, so only bureaucrats knew what they contained. But thanks the the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), everybody can see this once-hidden data.

TruthFinder makes getting access to this information simple.

Just enter someone’s name and their last-known city. TruthFinder will comb through all that government data and reveal information such as:

Arrest Records: If they were convicted of a crime, there’s a record of it. You can dig up details about burglary, assault, drug charges, and even minor offenses like traffic tickets.

Secret Aliases: If they changed their name, that info will appear in a report, too. People go to desperate measures to escape their past, but it just takes one search to find the truth.

Addresses: Find out where they live now and where they used to live.

Email Address and Phone Numbers: Is someone hiding their contact info? TruthFinder can root out their contact information so you can get ahold of them.

Evictions: Is someone bad about paying their bills on time? A slew of eviction notices might indicate that that they’re bad with money.

Almost Anything in Public Government Records: Honestly, every report is a surprise, so you’re bound to find something interesting every time you search a name.

You Never Know What You Might Find

Since you can search as many times as you want, I started with yours truly. It revealed my history of getting busted for speeding (I’m always in a hurry, sue me). So I felt confident searching everyone else I knew, too.

The guy who lives across the street from me had a stunningly dirty record. I’m talking arrests for petty theft and disorderly conduct, plus a lot more run-ins with the law. That told me everything I needed to know. I still wave to him on the street, but there’s no way I can trust him in my house.

I also looked up my wife. I picked a good one: her record was squeaky clean.

One of the coolest features of the TruthFinder report was the map of local sex offenders. I just had to pull my own report, and it delivered a map of my neighborhood and the addresses of nearby sex offenders. Let’s just say I know which houses to avoid from now on.

Protect Yourself. Search A Name Today.

No one is going to walk up to you and tell you, “Hey buddy! I have a rap sheet as long as my arm! So you better keep an eye on me.” It’s your responsibility to know who you’re dealing with in this world.

An TruthFinder search makes sorting the good guys and the bad guys much simpler.

You have to try this site if you want to find out the kind of dirty secrets most people want to keep under lock and key forever. TruthFinder members get unlimited reports, so search as many names as you want.

Ready to uncover the truth? Run your first search with TruthFinder today.

Featured Image: TruthFinder