UPDATE: Man who sexually assaulted toddler while mom wasn’t home is HIV-positive, police say

A Louisana man accused of raping and sexually assaulting a 3-year-old girl is facing new charges after authorities allegedly learned he’s HIV-positive.

According to the Monroe News Star, Levon Jennings, 25, tested positive for HIV at Ouachita Parish Health Unit in October 2013 and was informed of the results. Reports indicated that his HIV-status was discussed during a follow-up appointment in October 2014.

Jennings told investigators on April 23 that he tested positive for chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis. However, he denied knowing that he had HIV, according to the newspaper.

“Jennings recalled a specific conversation he had with the victim in the unrelated case and agreed to every detail, except that he mentioned to the victim that he was HIV-positive,” the report stated. “Jennings said he couldn’t remember if he was told he was HIV-positive due to a previous head injury.”

The revelation comes weeks after Jennings was charged with the first-degree rape and oral sexual battery of a 3-year-old.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, the little girl was assaulted while her mother left the home for an hour. The victim later told her mother that Jennings had done something “ugly” to her.

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According to an arrest warrant obtained by the News Star, the toddler claimed Jennings told her that he had some medicine for her. While at a children’s center, she allegedly recounted her story and showed what Jennings did to her on a body diagram.

The girl’s mother supposedly told investigators that she had previously referred to a bottle of cocoa butter lotion as “medicine.”

A medical examination determined the 3-year-old was possibly sexually abused. The News Star reported that officers are testing a blanket to ascertain whether a fluid left on it was semen or lotion.

Police mentioned that the newest charge, intentional exposure to the AIDS virus, is separate from their earlier investigation. It’s still unclear how Jennings is connected to the victim and her mother.

Bail for the initial round of charges was set at $600,000. Bail on the newest charge was set at $150,000. Jennings remains jailed as of Tuesday evening.


[Featured Image: Levon Jennings/Ouachita Correctional Center]