‘God’ told her to snatch boy, but hero dad punches would-be kidnapper in face: Report

A dad’s quick-thinking reportedly stopped a Tennessee woman from kidnapping his 5-year-old son.

Per The Commercial Appeal, the child’s father told police that Gina A. Ricard, 53, snatched her son then attempted to run. The father, Jerome Robinson, reportedly struck Ricard, who then got in an SUV without the child.

WHBQ reported that Robinson got his son back by punching Ricard in the face. The father told WREG that he was taking his child to school Monday morning when the incident occurred.

“This woman pulled up and grabbed my son. She asked him, ‘Are you safe? This is not your father come on and go with me. Jesus has a better place for you,” he recalled.

“We were almost to Treadwell [Elementary School]. She still followed me all the way down the street screaming, ‘Jesus! He’s kidnapping my child.’ People were looking at me crazy, but I was with my son.”

After the alleged kidnapping attempt, Ricard reportedly went to a nearby fire station and claimed Robinson was the one trying to kidnap the child and that she was trying to stop him. Robinson had reportedly called his wife about the ordeal, who in turn called police. Police said Ricard matched a provided description of the kidnapper, according to WHBQ.

An arrest affidavit obtained by the news station stated that Ricard was incoherent, didn’t know what day it was, and told police that she “believes God told her help.”

Robinson said his son is safe but is afraid to talk or go to school.

Meanwhile, Ricard was taken into custody and charged with attempted especially aggravated kidnapping. The Commercial Appeal reported that she was bailed out Tuesday. A court date was set for May 10.

[Featured Image: Gina Ricard/Shelby County Sheriff’s Office]