‘I would never take someone else’s child’: Pregnant mom accused of trying to steal newborns says she only wanted to give Bibles to new mothers

A North Carolina woman arrested for allegedly trying to steal babies from hospitals in two states said she was trying to give them Bibles.

Linda Mae Everett, 36, facing felony charges for reportedly attempting to steal babies from a neonatal unit. WECT reported that Everett turned herself in on April 17 after allegedly being stopped at the check-in desk at Betty H. Cameron Women’s and Children’s Hospital on April 5.

Everett allegedly accessed patient care areas by “tailgating” someone who had a badge. Barbara Buechler, a hospital administrator for the North Carolina Women’s and Children’s unit, said Everett breached one of their checkpoints.

“We have a layered system, first you must show ID to get a visitors badge, then you get a proximity badge that gives you access to locked areas. If you don’t have those you are stopped by a staff member,” Buechler explained to WECT.

“This is a case where someone has a badge and someone could follow close behind them, but they would then be stopped by the next line of defense, which did occur in this case.”

About a week after the ordeal, the North Carolina Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ISAAC) issued an alert saying that Everett “is believed to be going to neonatal units of hospitals in North and South Carolina possibly in attempts to abduct a child.”

Despite this, Everett told the news station in a recent phone interview that it wasn’t the case. She claimed that she went to the lobby of the children’s hospital and presented her license. Furthermore, she said she spoke about dropping off the Bibles to a nurse who told her about three recent births.

“All I was doing was giving mothers a Bible. I do it all the time,” Everett said. “I have been to that hospital four or five times before and have never gotten stopped.”

Everett claimed she was stopped by security after dropping off the Bibles. Hospital officials denied that she was escorted to the patient area, WECT reported.

“I’m pregnant, a retired firefighter, and have had to bury a child,” she explained. “This is not who I am. I am a mother, and I would never take someone else’s child.”

Charged with felony breaking and entering, Everett was released from custody after posting $10,000 bond. An arrest warrant obtained by the News & Observer stated that she’s also charged with larceny for allegedly stealing “religious items” from the hospital gift shop.

A court date is scheduled for May 21.

[Featured Image: Linda Mae Everett/North Carolina Information Sharing and Analysis Center]