Woman found dismembered in New York City park may have been murdered by her roommate: Police

Authorities may have a break in the grisly case of a woman whose dismembered body was found scattered around a Brooklyn park earlier this month.

The New York Daily News reports that investigators have arrested and interrogated a man they suspect murdered and mutilated 26-year-old Brandy Odom three weeks ago.

The suspect is reportedly a roommate of Odom’s and made comments implicating himself, according to the newspaper.

Formal charges have not yet been filed.

Detectives also have obtained a video recording that is said to show the suspect backing a vehicle into his driveway and filling the trunk with large plastic bags, thought to contain the woman’s body parts.

“Usually he parks head in, but this time he backs up the car into the driveway,” a source told the Daily News. “That was already suspicious.”

A cadaver dog got a hit from the vehicle’s trunk as well.

Told about the developments by a Daily News reporter, Odom’s mother said she didn’t want to get her hopes up, but added: “If it’s true, that’s great.”

Someone walking a dog discovered Odom’s head and upper body in a patch of woods in Canarsie Park three weeks ago.

Her limbs were found later in addition to a saw, which was located in a garbage bin at the park.

Investigators were able to identify Odom because of a tattoo over her left breast with her nickname: “Chocolate.”

Police think she was killed, dismembered and discarded within a 24-hour period.

The turn of events in the case is remarkable given that as of this past Thursday – when Odom was laid to rest – police had not received any tips about her death.

Odom was living in a Rosedale home with a couple when she was killed, according to officials.

Records show that a man who lives there has been arrested previously on multiple charges, including menacing with a weapon and assault in January. The matter involved domestic violence.

Neighbor Mayra Medina, 33, told the Daily News that she recognized Odom in a picture and said it was not uncommon to hear fighting coming from the woman’s residence.

“Sometimes I would hear the fighting and then — boom — someone would punch my bedroom wall,” Medina said.

Medina said officers have been to the home at least twice within the last two years.

A man was led out of the residence in handcuffs in each instance.


[Feature image: Brandy Odom/Facebook]