‘He’s a great kid’: Boy, 8, returns lost $100 to elderly man on fixed income

An 8-year-old Louisana boy was rewarded for reportedly finding $100 and going above and beyond to find its rightful owner.

Per KALB, Jaron Johnson discovered a $100 bill that had fallen out of James Grice’s wallet at a Pineville Walmart on April 20. Johnson said he had given the money to his mother and reminded her the next day to call Walmart and see if anyone had reported losing a $100 bill.

Grice, a senior citizen who lives on a fixed income, was unable to buy groceries after losing the $100. He told the news station that he didn’t expect to see his lost money again.

“When I walked outside of the store I said, ‘Lord, let somebody that really needs that money, find it.’ When I turn things over to the Lord, I don’t fool with it anymore,” Grice, 86, recalled.

According to Inside Edition, Johnson’s mother said she didn’t tell employees what the lost item was gave employees her number if someone should report something missing. Later that day, Grice’s daughter called Johnson about the missing $100.

“I told her I wanted to meet them in person so my son could give it back. It was a huge lesson for my son,” the mother said.

The pair got to meet for the first time the following Monday. That’s when Grice presented the third-grader with $20 and told him he’s welcome to pick up fresh tomatoes from his home whenever he wants.

Grice said of Johnson, “That child right there, he’s 100 percent to me.”

[Featured Image: Jaron Johnson, James Grice/KALB video screenshot]