Meth-smoking mom, boyfriend wrap abused daughter in blankets, duct tape—killing her

Mother Kelly Ballinger was hiding her meth as first responders tried to save the 4-year-old’s life

A Michigan mother whose 4-year-old daughter died because she restrained her with duct tape and blankets learned her fate on Monday.

WMMT reported that Kelly Ballinger, 34, will spend up to 50 years in prison for the July 2017 death of her daughter, Deseray. Prosecutors claimed she and boyfriend Matthew Longenecker would routinely batter Deseray and were smoking meth on the night of her death.

The little girl had a skull fracture and was bleeding from her mouth on the night in question, prosecutors said. In a onesie, the girl was found dead in her home on July 9. Ballinger had admitted to wapping her daughter in blankets and duct tape the night before to keep her restrained in bed, according to

Reports revealed that Deseray had a blanket covering her face. Officials found that she died of multiple injuries, including asphyxia and possibly hyperthermia, the outlet reported.

“A horrific, dreadful way to die for this poor young girl, especially with the knowledge that the one person charged with her care was but yards away, as well as being the one who, along with Mr. Longenecker, caused the extreme suffering and did nothing to stop the brutality,” Kalamazoo County Circuit Court Judge Paul J. Bridenstine commented.

The judge went on to point out that Ballinger was hiding her methamphetamine as police and first responders tried to save her daughter’s life.

The Michigan mother was sentenced to five to 15 years for involuntary manslaughter, 23.75 years to 50 years for first-degree child abuse, and time served for possession of methamphetamine. The sentences will run concurrently.

Mlive reported that Ballinger signed a paper at the conclusion of Monday’s hearing indicating that she intends to appeal her sentence.

Meanwhile, Longenecker was convicted of first-degree murder, first-degree child abuse, and possession of methamphetamine. His sentencing is scheduled for May 7.

[Featured Image: Kelly Ballinger, Matthew Longenecker/Kalamazoo County jail]