Fingerprint left in Play-Doh leads to arrest

A fingerprint left behind in Play-Doh was credited with catching a shoplifting suspect in Massachusetts.

On their Facebook page, the Leicester Police Department said Dennis Jackson, 55, would use Play-Doh to override anti-theft devices typically used by popular retailers to protect electronics. On December 11, Jackson reportedly used this method unsuccessfully and fled the scene.

Police said it was during that unsuccessful heist that he left behind Play-Doh with his fingerprint. A police report obtained by the Worchester Telegram stated that a Walmart manager contacted law enforcement after discovering “spider wrap anti-theft devices” covered in Play-Doh.

On Monday, the department announced that the Connecticut Crime Lab had processed the print and found a match. The Telegram wrote that an employee at the lab read about the story in the Miami Herald and had submitted the print into the national AFIS database, where it led them to Jackson.

According to a police report obtained by the Telegram, Jackson has warrants in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Police said Jackson is well-known to law enforcement—with 129 entries on his Board of Probation record and going by 18 different aliases, the newspaper reported.

“The suspect is currently residing at the Worcester County House of Correction and is wanted in at least two other states,” the police department said on Facebook.

“The LPD has filed charges in connection its investigation and the suspect will be arraigned in court in the near future.”

Reports indicated that the suspected shoplifter is being held without bail.

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Posted by Leicester Police Department on Monday, April 30, 2018

[Featured Image: Leicester Police Department]