VIDEO: Man jumps on school bus in middle of busy highway to ask, ‘Why does your bus have dark windows?’

A dashboard camera appears to capture the moments when a man randomly stops a school bus on a busy Massachusetts turnpike and jumps on the hood.

Kevin Crowe, 42, told news station WBZ that he hopped atop the bus Tuesday night because he thought it was “suspicious” that a school bus would have tinted side windows if it’s meant to transport children.

“Because the bus driver or any other person on the bus could be harming that child unbeknownst to anybody who is outside of the bus,” Crowe said.

According to WBZ, video shows bus driver Joe Rizoli driving west on the Mass Pike at 7:30 p.m. when a red car abruptly stops in front of him.

“In the middle of the Mass Pike he stops! And he gets out of his car like, ‘I want to talk to you,’” Rizoli said. “So he comes around the bus coming in on my door. Now I’m not letting him in my door, and then he starts to climb on the bus.”

From there, Crowe can be seen hopping on the hood and waving. Amid the chaos, Rizoli said he heard Crowe ask, “Why does your bus have dark windows?”

WBZ reported that Crowe eventually retreated to his car and drove off. But the entire ordeal left the longtime bus driver baffled.

“My concern is this guy, he really broke a lot of rules here, a lot of laws,” Rizoli said, noting that he’s happy that he equipped his bus with cameras.

“I just think he needs help. It was so dangerous for all of us, for him, for me, the people behind us could have smashed into us.”

The Dorchester man was cited for negligent operation of a motor vehicle, disorderly conduct, failure to use care in stopping, and marked lane violations.

[Featured Image: Youtube video screengrab]