Woman who stole $1.2M from job kills herself in Walmart parking lot hours before sentencing

A Texas woman who was hours away from being sentenced to prison for stealing $1.2 million reportedly ended her own life in a Walmart parking lot.

According to The Houston Chronicle, Paige Moody Bisher, 43, had shot herself in the chest earlier this week in the parking lot of a Walmart in Humble, Texas. Bisher admitted in January to embezzling approximately $1.2 million from a small Houston company while she worked there as a part-time administrative assistant.

Prosecutor Lester Blizzard told The Chronicle that Bisher faced life in prison as he was pushing for a lengthy sentence on the charge of first-degree theft of more than $300,000. Blizzard reportedly filed a dismissal of Bisher’s case in light of her death.

The newspaper wrote that the medical examiner confirmed Bisher died by suicide. State District Judge Nikita Harmon reportedly declined to reveal what sentence she was planning to hand down to her on Wednesday.

“It is a very tragic event and we will pray for the healing of all those involved in this sad case,” Blizzard said in an email.

Bisher’s actions came to light after the owner of the company requested to see the books, prompting Bisher to quit instead. Her abrupt resignation led to an audit, which uncovered that she had written multiple checks to herself. Their company’s findings were forwarded to the Harris County District Attorney’s Office’s financial crimes division and led to an indictment, according to The Chronicle.

The New York Post reported that friend Tobie Jo Baker described Bisher as “a true blue friend to many” in a recent Facebook post.

“She will forever be missed,” the post continued. “At her request, there will not be a traditional funeral or memorial service at this time.”


[Featured Image: Paige Bisher/Facebook]