‘Upset, hurt, and violated:’ Paris Hilton testifies at sentencing of hacker who stole her nude photos & $120K

The hacker who stole Paris Hilton’s nude photos and more than $120,000 from her bank account learned her fate on Monday.

The New York Daily News reported that convicted hacker Paytsar Bkhchadzhyan was sentenced to five years in prison in a Los Angeles court. Hilton, 37, said she made space in her busy schedule to appear in court and request that the woman who harassed her for two years receives more than the 30 months she requested.

“It is very important for me to stand here today and pursue legal action on behalf of myself, my family and anyone who has been targeted with hacking,” Hilton told the court, according to the newspaper. “When I first found out that my personal emails, iCloud, credit cards, and identity had been stolen and taken over by some stranger I felt so upset, hurt, and violated.”

Pleading guilty to bank fraud conspiracy, Bkhchadzhyan accessed two of Hilton’s email accounts in January 2016, which she used to ask Hilton’s assistant to transfer $80,000 to an account she had control of.

According to TMZ, Bkhchadzhyan also hacked Hilton’s bank accounts and used her credit cards make reservations for a 2015 New Year’s Eve party at Hollywood’s Roosevelt Hotel. Authorities discovered she charged at least $40,000 on Hilton’s credit card on that instance alone.

“I feel so incredibly violated…She took over my life and identity. She tried to shake me up for money. It was all so unbelievable and crazy that it truly seemed like something out of a movie,” Hilton said.

“I have been violated so many times in my life and I am sick and tired of just brushing it under the rug and not standing up for myself.”

Bloomberg reported that Bkhchadzhyan used another victim’s personal information to obtain a credit card and charge $81,000. She also tried to use the credit card to purchase a $50,000 Rolex watch and a $44,000 for a platinum and diamond jewelry set from Tiffany & Co.

Prosecutors said Bkhchadzhyan served a 10-month sentence for second-degree burglary and returned to her thieving ways immediately following her release in 2016.

Hilton told TMZ Monday, “I do feel good with the sentencing. I feel like she got what she deserved.”

[Featured Image: Paris Hilton via AP/Charles Sykes, Invision]