‘That’s Wakiesha. She’s going to stay with you!’: Irate aunt throws niece’s ashes at police chief: Report

The aunt of a woman who died while in the custody of the Los Angeles Police Department reportedly threw her niece’s ashes at the police chief during a meeting Tuesday morning.

Wakiesha Wilson, 36, was found dead in her cell at the LAPD Metropolitan Detention Center in March 2016. A day earlier, Wilson was arrested for assaulting a patient at Los Angeles Hospital, according to The Washington Post.

The Los Angeles Times previously reported that Wilson was mentally ill but repeatedly denied feeling suicidal to jail staff. Her cellmate reportedly claimed Wilson verbalized that she was having suicidal thoughts and had wrapped a shirt around her neck at some poiint. It’s still unclear whether detention officers were ever notified of her alarming behavior, the newspaper wrote.

The 36-year-old’s death was ultimately ruled a suicide—a ruling her family rejects to this day. In December, the city agreed to pay Wilson’s family $300,000 to settle their wrongful death lawsuit. The settlement came months after prosecutors determined that detention officers weren’t criminally liable for Wilson’s death.

“There is insufficient evidence to prove that a reasonable person would have known that leaving Wilson alone for approximately 33 minutes would result in her death,” the report stated. “Wilson’s death was unforeseeable.”

Fast forward to Tuesday—her aunt, Sheila Hines-Brim, attended the Los Angeles Police Commission with local activist groups to demand justice for Wilson. The Post wrote that attendees were chanting Wilson’s name before the contentious meeting even started.

Just as the meeting was kicking off, a recess was called after a woman interjected to accuse officials of lying about the details surrounding Wilson’s death. Hines-Brim and Wilson’s mother, Lisa Hines, sat in the front row—with Hines-Brim reportedly flicking off officials.

Twenty minutes into the meeting, Hines-Brim and other protestors were ousted from the meeting for interrupting. That’s when Hines-Brim is believed to hurled a white, powdery substance at Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck—some of it landing on him.

“That’s Wakiesha. She’s going to stay with you,” Hines-Brim shouted as she walked away, according to KNBC.

“I heard her clearly tell me. I used her ashes so they can be with him so he can feel her because he murdered her,” she told KCBS following her release from jail Tuesday evening.

“They covered it up.”

Meanwhile, Wilson’s mother claimed she was unaware whether the powder was her daughter and claimed that Hines-Brim didn’t tell her anything about her plans to throw Wilson’s remains at the police chief.

The meeting came to a halt and the room was cleared so hazmat and fire crews could determine whether the mystery substance was hazardous. Police spokesman Joshua Rubenstein told The Post that they determined the powder wasn’t dangerous but have yet to determine what it is.

Hines-Brim was booked on charges of battery on a police officer. KCBS reported that Hines-Brim, along with local Black Lives Matter leader Melina Abdullah, are expected to be charged with misdemeanors.

[Featured Image: KCBS video screengrab]