‘I tied her up!’ Dad hogties teen daughter to stop her from running away: Cops

An Ohio father is accused of hogtying his 13-year-old daughter with zip ties and dragging her across a parking lot—all to stop her from running away.

John L. Hofacker was arrested Friday afternoon after his teen daughter was reportedly spotted outside New London Lanes bowling alley screaming for help. According to WJW, responding officers approached the distraught girl who had zip ties around her wrists and ankles.

Police noted that the ties were linked together, making it impossible for the girl to stand. New London police Lt. Joseph Hicks said the ties were so tight that they were cutting off the victim’s circulation and “safety cutters” had to be used to free her, the news station reported.

The Norwalk Reflector reported that the victim had scrapes and bruises on her arms, legs, face, and backside. New London Police Chief Mike Marko said the girl had a sizeable hole in the back of her shirt when officers found her.

“He was out of breath actually. It was obvious there was a struggle involved,” Marko said.

Marko went on to say that Hofacker was dragging the girl to a nearby abandoned building when police got to the scene.

“I tied her up. She was trying to run away. I tied her up and was about to call you,” the father told police, according to a police report obtained by the newspaper.

The 13-year-old was transported to Fisher Titus Medical Center in Norwalk, where doctors reportedly located additional injuries on her body that she said came from being “whipped” with a belt. WJW reported that the teen has been placed in foster care.

Despite Friday’s ordeal, Marko said there were no previous reports of abuse against Hofacker. However, he did indicate that the teen has “been in and out of a detention home” and was living with her grandparents—who had custody of her until last Monday.

Hofacker has been charged with unlawful restraint and has been released on bond. Officials are in the process of determining whether the Ohio father will face additional charges.

[Featured Image: John L. Hofacker, Victim/New London Police (2)]