Cop dad allegedly beats teen daughter with hands and belt as school staff watches [Video]

One Florida police officer’s actions are under review following a disturbing incident caught on surveillance camera inside the main office of an area high school recently.

As Fox News reported, Miami-Dade officer Raymond Rosario was reportedly called to the school in reference to a disciplinary concern regarding his daughter.

The 14-year-old girl was accused of acting disrespectfully toward one of her teachers and had been sent to the office.

When her father arrived at the school, footage allegedly reveals him grab the teen by her hair, slap her across the face and hit her repeatedly with a belt.

All the while, at least one school employee sat nearby and looked on during part of the alleged beating. The woman seen sitting behind a desk in the video did not appear to intervene or show any sign of distress during the encounter that played out feet away from her.

Pinecoast Cove Preparatory Academy released a statement indicating the woman seen in the video “reported the incident to administration as soon as the parent left the premises.”

The statement went on to explain why she did not intervene at the time.

“The person witnessing the act is an expectant mother who was unsure if the parent had a weapon,” the school said. “She says that at the time she feared for the safety of the victim as well as that of her unborn child.”

Rosario later turned himself in and was placed in custody on suspicion of felony child abuse. Police reports indicate the teen “stated she did not sustain any visible injuries and/or bruises.”

According to the Miami Herald, the officer has been “relieved of duty with pay” pending the outcome of an investigation.

[Featured image: video screenshot]