Drunken mom goes on wild rampage after disrupting school play: Cops

A Texas mother was drunk when she was ousted from her child’s high school play, assaulted an officer, and flooded a jail cell by setting off the sprinkler system, police said.

The Houston Chronicle reported that Christy Ann Churchwell, 35, was at Friendswood Junior High School Thursday night at around 8 p.m. to watch her child’s performance when she became loud and belligerent. Police said this led to an officer approaching Churchwell and instructing her to step outside.

The officer reportedly smelled alcohol on Churchwell, who reportedly appeared wobbly as she exited the auditorium. The mother is accused of lunging at the cop before she was arrested for public intoxication.

The Texas mother was also charged with assault of a police officer for allegedly kicking a cop as he took her into custody. Police located 75 mL bottles of vodka in Churchwell’s purse—seven of which were empty, according to KHOU.

Later that night, Churchwell is said to have caused flood damage to the jail by intentionally setting off a fire sprinkler in her cell. The stunt led to her being charged with false alarm or report and criminal mischief.

A family member told KPRC that Churchwell didn’t consume alcohol at the school and that she’s “dealing with personal issues and is going to get help.”

Reports indicated Churchwell was released from custody Friday after posting $7,500 bond.

[Featured image: Christy Ann Churchwell/Friendswood Police Department]