‘Shut up B****!’ Woman allegedly stabs roommate to death for talking during TV show

A Nevada teen is accused of stabbing her roommate to death for continuing to talk while she watched television.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Dymund Ellis, 19, is facing murder charges in connection with the stabbing death of Jace Trevon Ernst, 25. The pair were reportedly at their North Las Vegas home Friday night when Ernst told Ellis to “shut up b***h” after she instructed him to stop talking as she watched her show.

Ellis allegedly responded by retrieving a kitchen knife from her bedroom and telling Ernst to “call me a b***h again”—which he did. This led to Ellis plunging the knife into Ernst’s chest and hiding the weapon in her room, the Review-Journal reported.

Ernst was transported to University Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead. Ellis is facing one count of murder with a deadly weapon in light of Ernst’s death.

Ellis reportedly told police that she has threatened Ernst with a knife 10 times in the past two months. However, Debra Wesley, whose niece lived with both roommates, said the pair constantly argued but believed it got out of hand this time.

“They got into an argument that turned physical. He has done things to her, and she has done things to him. However, on this particular day, it was a bad accident,” Wesley told KSNV.

“She only hit him once, and sadly it just happened to be his heart. She never intended that.”

Wesley and others who lived in the apartment claimed Ernst and Ellis were also heard and seen fighting.

Expressing concern for Ellis, Wesley continued, “If we do not step up and try to speak up for her, she is going to go to jail for the rest of her life.”

[Featured image: Dymund Ellis/North Las Vegas Police Department]