‘The kid got lucky’: Bounce house goes airborne, sending boy soaring onto busy highway

A 9-year-old California boy is lucky to be alive after the bouncy house he was in caught wind, sending the inflated structure—and him—onto a near a nearby highway.

From KCBS, Seth Olson was at a Mother’s Day party at a neighbor’s house when a gust picked up the bounce house and sent it flying over the fence and onto Highway 395. San Bernardino Seargent Marc Bracco told the Los Angeles Times that the bounce house struck a car before Olson tumbled onto the Number 2 lane.

Miraculously, traffic stopped and Olson walked away from the ordeal with minor scratches and bruises.

“The kid got lucky,” Bracco said, calling the incident a “freak accident.”

Rodriguez’s family reportedly rented the bounce house from some neighbors who tethered it to the ground with some stakes. The family admitted to KCBS that they didn’t check whether the bounce house was licensed or insured.

The 9-year-old told the news station that he “blacked out” after the bounce house flew over the gate and recalled coming to and seeing his mother pulling up. He also said that he will never get into a bounce house again.

Police said the driver who hit the bounce house wasn’t injured. The Los Angeles Times wrote that the highway was closed for two hours following the ordeal.

[Featured image: Seth Olson/KCBS video screengrab]