VIDEO: School bus driver allegedly caught on tape taunting, abusing girl with special needs

A California school bus driver is facing criminal charges after surveillance cameras allegedly caught her abusing an 8-year-old girl with autism and mocking her for crying.

According to KOVR, Kim Klopson, 64, was dropping off students at Browns Valley Elementary in February when the special-needs students on board got off the bus. It’s then when Klopson is reportedly seen grabbing the girl by her backpack and demanding that she says seated because she’s “misbehaving.”

“And if you stick your feet out again to keep her from moving, you are going to be on the window. Got it?” Klopson reportedly tells the girl at one point.

Footage also appears to catch the bus driver using her leg to block the aisle. Minutes later, a teacher’s aide enters the bus to retrieve the child. Klopson is apparently heard mocking the girl, who is crying hysterically.

“Cause she’s acting like she’s younger than her baby sister. She’s only 2, How old are you?” she said, according to the local station.

Things allegedly turned physical when the girl refused to leave the bus, leading Klopson to pick her up by the hood of her sweatshirt and drag her off the bus. The driver reportedly closed the doors on the student, causing her to fall down the steps.

The aide then reappears to get the child, the station reported.

Klopson, who no longer works for Vacaville School District, was charged with child abuse. She has pleaded not guilty. KOVR reported that she’s due back in court in July.

The family is publicizing the video months later because they plan to sue the school district.

“It’s bone-chilling,” family attorney Micha Star Liberty commented. “What you’re seeing is horrific and abuse by an adult bus driver.”

[Featured image: Liberty Law/KOVR video screengrab; Kim Klopson/Vacaville police]