Woman who allegedly stabbed 11-year-old daughter 70 times said her kids were ‘devil children’

The Oklahoma woman who allegedly tried to kill her daughters, including one who was stabbed dozens of times, reportedly “snapped” and said she was angry over how the girls looked at her.

KJRH-TV reports that Taheerah Ahmad, 39, is accused of stabbing her 11-year-old daughter up to 70 times and striking her head with a pickaxe on Monday.

Ahmad allegedly bound and gagged the girl and her two younger sisters, aged 8 and 9. The 8-year-old escaped and ran to a nearby relative’s for help as the mother began setting the home on fire.

Police records say Ahmad sought to burn the home down to “further ensure that (the 11-year-old) was dead.”

The 11-year-old is being hospitalized in “very critical” condition, according to police officer Jeanne MacKenzie.

On Tuesday, authorities arrested Ahmad in Tulsa with the 8-year-old girl.

Prosecutors have charged Ahmad with multiple crimes, including battery with intent to kill, assault, child abuse and arson.

The violent attack on her children came after Ahmad lost a job, according to the woman’s aunt, Debrecka Fields. Ahmad also recently shot her chickens and dog and her mother would not allow her to see one of her sons graduate on Saturday.

“She was normal Friday, Saturday she snapped, Sunday she was evil,” Field told KJRH-TV. “She thought herself into a nervous breakdown.”

One of the daughters told investigators that Ahmad had held them hostage in their room without water or food for one week before the incident, according to a police report.

Ahmad also told officers that she was angry because of the way her daughters were “reading and looking at her.”

It was not immediately clear what books the girls were reading.

“(Ahmad) said that they don’t normally read and the fact that they were reading told her that they were up to no good,” MacKenzie said.

Corporal Mark Kraft told KTUL-TV that Ahmad viewed the two older daughters as “devil children” and the youngest girl as an “angel child.”

Ahmad may have mental health issues that will affect the case. She is being held in the Tulsa County Jail.