SEE IT: Video shows Santa Fe school shooting suspect Dimitrios Pagourtzis at church dance days before rampage that killed 10

Dimitrios Pagourtzis, the Texas teen accused opening fire Santa Fe High School last week, killing 10, reportedly danced at a church function days before the deadly shooting.

Footage obtained by TMZ appears to show Pagourtzis, 17, partaking in a choreographed dance at a Greek Orthodox church the weekend before Friday’s shooting that killed eight of his classmates and two teachers. Sources told the tabloid that the dance was part of a larger festival in a town 30 minutes away from Santa Fe.

Charged with capital murder and aggravated assault on a public servant, Pagourtzis is believed to have used his father’s shotgun and .38 revolver in the attack. Officials said they believe he concealed the weapons under his trench coat to get them into school.

CNN recently reported that Pagourtzis’ shootout with police lasted 25 minutes. Texas Governor Greg Abbott said Friday that the teen had planned to kill himself but “admitted that he didn’t have the courage to commit the suicide.”

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Officials also said that explosives were found on campus and in surrounding areas. Shortly after the shooting, KHOU reported that several agencies were searching a mobile home where the teen is believed to have lived.

According to a probable cause affidavit obtained by the news station, the suspect told investigators that he spared the lives of people he liked. Reports indicate that one of the victims, Shana Fisher, 16, had repeatedly rejected Pagourtzis’ advances and had told her parents that she feared for her life.

[Feature image: Dimitrios Pagourtzis/TMZ video screengrab]