Homeless man randomly stabs two young children in elevator, killing 6-year-old boy

A homeless man found guilty of stabbing two young children—one fatally—in a Brooklyn elevator learned his fate on Tuesday.

The New York Daily News reported that Daniel St. Hubert, 31, fell asleep as he was sentenced to 50 years to life for the June 2014 attack that left P.J. Avitto, 6, dead and nearly killed his best friend, Mikayla Capers, who was 7 at the time. WABC reported that St. Hubert stabbed Avitto and Capers 11 and 16 times, respectively.

“Sometimes I try not to remember this bad man and what he did to me and P.J.,” Capers, now 11, said during the sentencing hearing. “But every day I must look at my body and see those 16 stab wounds that are there for the rest of my life.”

According to the New York Post, the two children were on their way to get Italian ices when St. Hubert repeatedly stabbed them with a steak knife. Capers, who suffered a collapsed lung, miraculously managed to escape by crawling to the apartment building’s entrance and screaming for help.

DNA found on the knife’s handle was a match for St. Hubert while blood on the blade belonged to Avitto and Capers, the newspaper reported.

Dubbed the “Brooklyn Ripper” by the media, St. Hubert has never apologized for the barbaric, unprovoked attack. In fact, he launched into a 10-minute diatribe where he portrayed himself as the victim.

“I am a good man and bad things are happening to me,” he said during sentencing. “My life is on the line. Only God protects me.”

Nevertheless, the judge was unmoved by St. Hubert’s incoherent speech and ultimately condemned him to 25 years to life for murder and handed down a consecutive sentence of 25 years for the attempted murder charge.

“It is my honest hope and desire that you never regain your freedom,” the judge said amid applause from the victims’ families.

The judge also provided advice to the young survivor.

“I want you to grow up and become a strong woman. Try and put all this behind you,”

[Featured image: Mikayla Capers/Family handout; P.J. Avitto/Facebook]