4-year-old boy fatally shoots toddler brother after mistaking gun for toy: Police

A Virginia toddler is dead after his 4-year-old brother allegedly mistook a gun for a toy and shot him in the chest Tuesday morning.

Louisa County Sheriff’s Office Major Donald A. Lowe told WVTR that the children were home with their mother at around 10 a.m. when the 4-year-old picked up a gun, and, thinking it was a toy, fired it at Tyson Aponte. Aponte reportedly died as rescue workers administered CPR.

“There’s no way they would leave a loaded gun out,” neighbor Linda Eddy told the news station. “They’re good people, good Christians good people, they take care of their children [and] make sure they have everything they need. I know this is going to be tragic to them.”

Lowe declined to comment on how the 4-year-old got possession of the gun and said that’s something they’re “fully investigating.” Reports indicated that the children’s father was at work and two older siblings were at school when Aponte was fatally shot.

“It’s of paramount importance to make sure your guns are secured and out of the reach of children and everything,” Lowe advised.

“At least have them unloaded or a safety lock on them, whatever you have to do to keep them from being discharged accidentally.”

[Featured image: Tyson Aponte/WPXI]