WATCH: Angry woman latches onto and bites ex-boyfriend’s tongue during break-up kiss, refuses to let go until police pepper spray her

A China woman caused serious damage to a former boyfriend’s tongue after she allegedly locked lips with him and refused to let go, almost snapping his tongue in half.

People’s Daily reports that the incident happened in Qianshan County outside disease prevention and control center at around 5 p.m. on Friday, during China’s “Internet Lovers’ Day.”

The Qianshan County Public Security Bureau received a call that a woman was biting onto a man’s tongue and refusing to let go. When authorities arrived, they noticed blood flowing out of the woman’s mouth and all around her teeth as a man screamed in pain while struggling to break free.

According to witnesses, the victim was breaking up with the woman, identified as a 26-year-old woman with the surname Zhou. The victim apparently asked for one last kiss, according to responding officers, but the jilted woman apparently didn’t take the news of a break-up well. Police eventually pried the woman away from the victim by spraying her with pepper spray.

“When we arrived, some passers-by said the couple were talking over issues of a breakup,” officer Wu Changfeng said, according ”

Zhou had recently become “mentally unstable,” according to her parents, after she was allegedly scammed online. Her parents indicated Zhou had other mental heath issues in the past. Authorities released the suspect to her parents.

**Warning**: Video may be disturbing to some viewers

[Feature Photo: Btime Screenshot]