‘A father doesn’t do these things’: Mom speaks out after husband reportedly gets their teen daughter pregnant [Update]

A Michigan man accused of impregnating his daughter and grooming her for years is behind bars on incest charges, DailyMailTV reports.

Greg St. Andre, 37, has been charged with having sexual contact with a blood relative. Authorities say St. Andre had sex with his daughter, 18 at the time, in 2016 and is the biological father of a baby boy she delivered.

St. Andre’s ex-wife, Shannon, is speaking out about the case and says she initially had trouble getting authorities to investigate. Shannon said she was “laughed out of the police department” when she first told officers of her suspicions.

She later made a recording of Greg making a partial confession, which was enough to prompt a DNA test that proved he was the father. Shannon said she was in disbelief about the pregnancy, in part because the daughter, now 20, was reportedly in a lesbian relationship at the time.

The daughter, who was not identified in the story, claimed she had one-night stand after a party. But after the girl gave birth and Shannon recognized her ex-husband’s features in the newborn, she began to suspect a more appalling alternative.

“Many people came to me saying how he resembled my husband and resembled my own children,” Shannon said. “The blue eyes, the light skin – honestly it was like looking at baby pictures of my own children.”

As her daughter was recovering in the hospital, Shannon notified child protective services. Nothing happened.

She later presented text messages between her ex-husband and their daughter to police in which he referred to the girl as his wife.

“He told her she can’t have boyfriends and he was the only one who was going to love her,” Shannon said.

Shannon also recorded a conversation in which Greg claimed he had provided semen in a cup for the daughter to use to become pregnant.

“He claimed that my daughter wanted to have a baby with her partner and they figured it was best to use someone’s semen that they know,” Shannon said. “I didn’t buy it the minute he said it. I knew it wasn’t true. People don’t spend millions of dollars trying to have babies just for it to be simply done like that. It doesn’t work.”

The girl had initially told detectives that she used a medicine dropper to inseminate herself, and when police suggested she was a victim, she asked what she was a victim of. Investigators later presented her with the father’s text messages showing how he had claimed to be in love with her while she was a minor; since then, she has reportedly given additional statements to police.

After police obtained the DNA sample and confirmed Greg was the father, he admitted to police that he had a sexual encounter with his daughter just once when she was an adult.

Greg is facing up to 15 years in prison. He had been released on bond while the criminal case moves through the courts, but he was put back in jail earlier this month. Authorities accused him of trying to contact his daughter.

Shannon acknowledges that she still does not know all the details of what happened between her daughter and ex-husband. She has chosen to give her privacy and considers her a victim.

“He’s a very disgusting person,” Shannon said of Greg. “I don’t even want to call him a man. A man doesn’t do these things. A father doesn’t do these things.”

She added: “I feel that sitting in jail isn’t punishment enough to be truthfully honest. On some level I wish Michigan had the death penalty back because that’s exactly what he deserves.”

[Feature Photo: Gregory St. Andre/Warren Police]