Mom’s boyfriend arrested after 3-year-old boy found dead with broken teeth, bruises all over his body

A 3-year-old boy was found dead earlier this week with bruises all over his body and broken teeth, and now his mother’s boyfriend is in custody.

The New York Post reports that Kenneth Lynch, 36, is facing a manslaughter charge in connection with the death of his girlfriend’s son, Messiah Allen.

Emergency crews found Allen injured and unconscious around 11:30 p.m. Thursday after Lynch called 911 and attempted CPR on the child.

The boy was rushed to a hospital but was later pronounced dead.

His mother was at work at the time.

Authorities have reportedly determined that Allen’s death was a homicide, with the medical examiner concluding that the boy died from blunt force injuries, the New York Daily News reports.

Police arrested Lynch late Friday. He told investigators the child fell from a stroller within the past week. One neighbor said the boy’s mother told her the child “threw himself out of the stroller” in the midst of a tantrum.

Allen’s mother brought him to the hospital after the incident last week but he was still not well when they returned to the apartment, according to the neighbor.

“[His stepfather] went to take him to use the bathroom. He was still lightheaded and he fainted,” the unidentified neighbor told the Post. “He called 911. He tried to do CPR on him. He tried to put some water on him. But he wasn’t waking up.”

Allen’s godmother, Althea Johnson, expressed skepticism about the notion that the boy died from falling out of his stroller.

“[I] raised two kids, and I don’t know no kid falling out of the stroller sitting in the house and their teeth is knocked out of their mouth and he got a big old bruise on his head,” Johnson told the Post.

The family has dealt previously with a child welfare agency, but the matter did not involve allegations of physical abuse, according to the New York Post.


[Feature image: Messiah Allen/Facebook]