Casey Anthony’s mother Cindy storms off set in heated interview after arguing with husband

The parents of Casey Anthony recently sparred over the events—and warning signs—that led up to the murder trial that gripped a nation.

During Monday night’s airing of A&E’s “Casey Anthony’s Parents Speak,” Cindy Anthony said she’s tired of the public only knowing her and husband George as the “the Anthonys who raised Casey, a monster.” The pair did admit that they possibly overlooked crucial warning signs in the six months prior to toddler Caylee’s death.

Despite this, the couple repeatedly disagreed about daughter Casey’s behavior and her parenting skills throughout the two-hour special.

“Cindy and I must have raised a bad seed,” George Anthony said during their sit-down with interviewer Elizabeth Vargas.

Early on, the pair disagreed about whether Casey and 2-year-old Caylee would be missing for days at a time. The Florida mother would go on to be acquitted for her daughter’s murder in 2011.

Tensions were high as George recalled coming home from midnight shifts and realizing his daughter and granddaughter were nowhere to be found. George claimed that the pair would be gone for days and it was a common occurrence. Cindy vehemently disagreed.

“George, as far as Caylee goes, I know when that child was not here,” she said. “Casey and Caylee did not stay out for two or three days, I know that for a fact. Caylee was always here.”

However, the grandmother stepped back on her comments when challenged by Vargas, admitting that the pair possibly spent the night somewhere else “one or two times.”

It was an exchange about stolen money that led Cindy to storm off the set.

George claimed that he was blamed for stealing money out of Cindy’s wallet when Casey was the culprit. George was dealing with a gambling addiction at the time and believed that Casey stole the money knowing he would be the scapegoat. George went on to note that Casey had allegedly stolen money from a savings account set up for Caylee.

“But George, Casey learned by example,” Cindy said.

“I’m telling you, you lied to me for several years and that’s where our daughter got it,” she said, before walking out.

Casey occasionally speaks with her mother but is completely estranged from her father, according to Fox News. She reportedly lives in Palm Beach, Florida.

[Featured image: Cindy and George Anthony/Youtube video screenshot]