‘Please forgive me’: Man texted pastor before fatally shooting wife, in-laws & himself

Police said four people found dead Monday in a Tennessee home were victims of a murder-suicide.

According to WZTV, the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Department said Sean Ganey shot his wife, Cassidy Ganey, her father, Kenny Adair, and her stepmother, Shelly Lorenz-Adair, before turning the gun on himself at a Murfreesboro home on Memorial Day. The Daily News Journal reported that a child who was home at the time of the shooting wasn’t harmed.

A friend who claimed to have spoken with Sean hours before the grisly murder-suicide said Sean was upset about police taking his guns Friday after he was hospitalized for a suicide scare. The friend noted that Sean had kept guns all over the home—including under his young daughter’s bed.

The friend told WZTV that Sean mentioned killing his wife but claimed to have dismissed his comments as Sean tended to over-exaggerate.

WKRN has since learned the couple was seeking help for issues in their marriage. Pastor Corey Trimble told the network that he had spoken to Cassidy and Sean individually on the day of the shooting. He said they talked about his marital turmoil and that he advised Sean to make sure that wife and daughter are safe before suggesting they take a break.

“I found it odd that he sent me two texts out of the blue that just said, ‘I’m sorry,’ and ‘Pastor, please forgive me,'” Trimble said of texts he reportedly received an hour before police found the family’s bodies.

“That is odd. And, quite eerie looking back.”

The pastor suspects Sean killed his family after Cassidy threatened to break up with him. Right now, police believe a conversation about divorce led up to the fatal shooting, according to WZTV.

“I beat myself up pretty bad for a brief moment wondering if I could’ve stopped it,” Trimble to WKRN. “I had actually, the last thing I sent to Sean was I said, ‘Hey, you know it’s Memorial Day, I’m with my family.’ I said, ‘Why don’t we get together tomorrow or the next day and just talk?'”

[Featured image: Sean and Cassidy Ganey/Facebook]