Jodi Arias request for court secrecy in upcoming appeal is DENIED

Jodi Arias’ lawyer’s request to file her upcoming appeal of her murder conviction under seal in the 2008 slaying of her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander, has been denied.

The Arizona court ruling cites a “strong presumption for public access,” while the convicted killer’s lawyers argue that the records should remain sealed due to extreme public interest in the case.

However, according to, a three-judge panel of the state Court of Appeals wrote “the court concludes that the current request is legally insufficient to overcome the strong presumption in favor of public access.”

Arias murdered her former boyfriend in cold blood while in the heat of a jealous rage, prosecutors said, citing the primary motive in the unspeakable act as “jealousy and anger.” Alexander was found with his throat slit, stab wounds to the back, and a gunshot wound to his head as he lay dead in the shower of his Mesa home, as CrimeOnline previously reported.

A coroner revealed the victim appeared to have tried to fight back, as numerous defense wounds were found on his hands during the autopsy.

While Arias initially denied any involvement in the murder, she later changed her story and said she killed the man in self-defense, claiming that Alexander was both physically and emotionally abusive. She also claimed to have been abused as a child during the murder trial.

Despite Arias’ claims, a jury found her guilty of first-degree murder on May 7, 2013.

The notorious murderer is serving a life sentence at the the Perryville prison for women located in Goodyear, Arizona.

[Feature Photo: Jodi Arias via AP/Mark Henle/The Arizona Republic]