Man rapes 9-year-old girl after kidnapping her from home—then abandons barefoot victim in high school parking lot: Police

A 30-year-old Louisiana man is accused of abducting a 9-year-old girl from her home Sunday and raping her.

A warrant alleged that Denera Carter dropped off the victim at Livingston High School in New Orleans, where she was found walking barefoot at around 1:40 p.m. Sunday. reported that Carter left the girl at the high school following the assault.

The victim told police that Carter had knocked on their door while her mother was at work. After opening the door, Carter reportedly asked the girl’s 11-year-old brother whether their father was home, to which he responded that their father doesn’t live there.

From there, Carter allegedly entered the home and locked the boy in the closet before carrying the 9-year-old out of the home. The girl recalled lying on the floor of his car until he brought her to a home at an unknown location, according to the newspaper.

Police said Carter then sexually assaulted the victim as she screamed and tried to escape. The warrant stated that Carter told the girl she would never see her mother again if she continued to make noise and disobeyed his orders.

The 9-year-old described her attacker as a man with a low haircut, a cross tattoo in the middle of his forehead and a teardrop tattoo under his right eye. She also claimed the man drove a white car with “big rims,” according to the warrant. reported that police linked Carter to the assault after he was arrested Monday for stealing a car—a white Lexus with 32-inch rims—during a home burglary Sunday. Carter was allegedly driving the stolen vehicle when he was arrested.

Alarmingly, this isn’t the Louisana man’s first brush with the law for a sex-related offense.

Carter was arrested in August 2013 for allegedly luring a 20-year-old woman to his apartment with marijuana and raping her. He had met the victim for the first time that morning outside of a store and invited her to come to his place to smoke or buy the drug, reported at the time.

Police said the woman managed to escape after begging him to let her go home to take some medication. While accompanying her on the short walk to her home, the victim reportedly ran ahead of Carter and went into her apartment, prompting Carter to leave the scene.

The news outlet wrote that the St. Bernard Parish District Attorney’s Office dropped the case in November 2016 but retained the right to reinstate the charges.

Meanwhile, Carter was charged Tuesday with aggravated kidnapping, first-degree rape, and illegal possession of a stolen car. His bond was set at $105,000.


[Featured image: Denera Carter/Orleans Justice Center Jail]