‘He’s Going to Kill Me,’ Broken taillight lead police to 3 bodies and woman fighting for her life

A broken taillight led Springfield, Massachusetts, authorities to three bodies and a woman fighting for her life.

Police attempted to pull-over 40-year-old Stewart Weldon, who allegedly refused orders. A “very dangerous pursuit” ensued, Hampden District Attorney Anthony Gulluni announced at a press conference Thursday. Authorities say Weldon eventually crashed into a police cruiser and resisted arrest.

When police conducted a search of the man, they uncovered two knives from his pockets, according to court documents obtained by CNN. A police report revealed that a woman in the car with the suspect suffered stab wounds and a possible fractured jaw after apparently being struck with a blunt object.

“He’s going to kill me,” the woman desperately stated through tears, thanking officers and adding that Weldon had raped her several times as he held her captive in his home during the last month, according to the police report.

Asked if Weldon knew the woman personally, Gulluni would only say the two were acquaintances. However, sources told The Republican that Weldon and the woman have “two young children who also lived at the home.”

Detectives subsequently conducted a search of Weldon’s home, which is registered to the suspect’s mother, property records state. 

In an initial press conference, Gulluni told reporters that it was early on in the investigation and he wouldn’t be able to provide many details..

“Two bodies were recovered at this address in the last 18 hours or so by the Springfield Police Department,” Gulluni said at the first press conference.

The district attorney announced in a later press conference that a third body was discovered at the address.

“I am now confirming that a third body was recovered on the property at 1333 Page Boulevard,” Gulluni told reporters. “This investigation is very much active and ongoing.”

According to The Republican, the bodies were found in the basement and garage of the homeThe names, genders, or ages of the bodies were not revealed.

Gulluni confirmed that there were other people living at the home, but declined to elaborate. He also wouldn’t confirm if Weldon was suspected of foul play related to the bodies discovered at the home. Additionally, when asked at the press conference if the suspect could be a serial killer, the district attorney said he was not in a position to confirm that.

“Right now we are focusing on the piece-by-piece investigation, and it’s early…Much work is to be done.”

At the time of his arrest, Weldon had a revoked driver’s license and three active warrants in his files, according to CNN.

Weldon’s criminal history dated back to 2005. It includes burglary, assault, and weapon offenses, The Republican reports, adding that the charges span through New Jersey and Massachusetts. 

He was arraigned Tuesday in Springfield District court on charges including kidnapping, resisting arrest, threat to commit a crime, and carrying a dangerous weapon. He is being held without bond.

Gulluni said an “intense” investigation by the Springfield Police Department and his staff would continue on Friday.

[Feature Photo: Stewart Weldon/ Springfield Police Department]