Volunteer group discovers disturbing abandoned campsite; finds restraints on trees and storage crates big enough to fit a child

Authorities are investigating a disturbing, abandoned site in Arizona where restraints and other suspicious objects were found.

KOLD-TV reports that the group Veterans on Patrol made the discovery earlier this week in Tucson.

The organization goes out in search of homeless veterans to get them off the streets.

On Tuesday, they were walking on a trail and saw solar lights, which prompted them to further investigate the area.

What they found was not a homeless camp, but a bizarre collection of objects: restraints connected to trees, a stroller and a crib, an outdoor bathroom, hair dye and pornographic material.

“And we are right there and our city is right there, our children are right there and it’s not my problem if it’s not in my backyard,” said Lewis Arthur of the veterans group. “Now it’s in our backyard.”

The group referred to the site as a “cave.” It’s roughly 5-feet tall and has a water container and tire at the end of it.

They found two crates and a dresser inside the container, which was big enough that a child could fit inside, KOLD-TV reports.

“I didn’t expect to see something this heinous and inhumane this close,” said Craig Sawyer, another member of the veterans group. “I served in the military to keep things like this from happening here that’s why I risked my security, so nobody here would have to put up with this.”

He added: “I have heard of rooms full of kids in houses and basements and things like that, but nothing underground like this, like an underground cell that’s pretty creepy.”

Sawyer said it appeared as though someone was last at the camp within the last two weeks, and that they might return.

“In fact there’s another one nearby that they found that they are already digging with fresh tools and fresh dirt,” he said.

Investigators from the Tucson Police Department have been to the camp and took photos of it, according to the television station.