Interplanetary ‘Time-traveler’ from the year 6491 passes lie detector test

In a story that’s literally out of this world, a man who claims he’s from the year 6491 but said his time machine got stuck in 2018 when it broke down has passed a lie detector test.

James Oliver’s claims to be from the future were were met with skepticism, and paranormal YouTube site Apex TV arranged for a lie detector test, which was filmed for the channel. Paranormal experts were were amazed when the test results showed him as being honest in every question,┬áthe Daily Mail reports.

Oliver says that he actually lives centuries away into the future, but was sent back to 2018 before his vehicle broke down, and now he’s stranded in the past.

“Your years are different than mine,” Oliver, whose face is covered to seemingly protect his identity, is heard saying in a video on ApexTv’s Youtube site. “Where I’m from, the years are longer…But we have gifted mathematicians who work to calculate our years from those from other civilizations.”

Oliver goes on to explain that the planet he comes from is further away from the sun than earth is, and “so it takes longer to get around.”

Though the self-described time-traveler claims to be from outer space, he seemingly speaks perfect English.

Oliver speaks of the future and claims the planet he’s from is “constantly finding new planets and galaxies everyday…most of it just nothing.”

“Sometimes you hit the jackpot and find intelligent life on it,” he said. “You find new planets, new eco systems … There are a lot of planets more intelligent than humans.”

He also speaks of global warming making the earth hotter in the future, and said there will be conflicts, though he says there is a “federation” that works to keep them “under control.”

“The federation is there as a peace-keeping vessel,” Oliver said.

While Oliver claims that the future entails everyone having their own artificial intelligence system ironically called “Siri,” which is the name of Apple’s operating system, when asked about who the future U.S. President will be, he declined to give an answer…citing restrictions in what he is able to share.

The man also claims to be friends with aliens, and said his closest friend lives in another galaxy.

[Feature photo: Youtube screenshot/ApexTv]