Lottery-winning sex offender who repeatedly molested young granddaughter could be ordered to pay victim’s family

An Iowa man who was sentenced to probation for repeatedly sexually assaulting his then-6-year-old granddaughter is challenging a ruling that could give his lottery winnings to the girl’s family.

The Courier reported that the victim’s mother, Kasey Hilpipre, won a default judgment late last month because Dean Hilpipre had failed to respond to her civil lawsuit by the required deadline. A June 6 hearing will determine how much the girl’s mother will be awarded.

The Iowa mother had sued her ex-father-in-law for $1 million for the psychological and emotional harm he caused her daughter, who is now 7. At the time, Dean claimed he spent the $100,000 lottery winnings despite a court order barring him from using the money, according to the Des Moines Register.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Dean pleaded guilty to lascivious acts with a child after the victim tearfully told investigators that her grandfather repeatedly touched her and forced her to perform oral sex on him. Criminal charges were filed in July 2017, but prosecutors believed the sexual abuse dated back to January 2012, according to People.

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In pleading guilty, the grandfather was sentenced in January to five years probation. He reportedly won the $100,000 jackpot on a scratch-off ticket while awaiting sentencing. 

The Courier reported that the victim’s mother filed the lawsuit in March.

The sex offender’s attorney, Maurice Spencer, said Friday that his client’s failure to respond was an accident and, due to the graphic nature of the case, a lack of lawyers willing to represent him in court caused him to miss the deadline.

Spencer went on to tell the newspaper that he’s filed paperwork requesting the court reverse their default judgment.


[Featured image: Dean Hilpipre/Hardin County Sheriff’s Office, Iowa State Lottery]