Woman dies after botched breast enlargement surgery to surprise husband

A Russian woman has died 13 months after undergoing a breast enlargement surgery which resulted in her slipping into a coma that she would never come out of.

According to the Daily Mail, the death of Galina Rakushina, 30, was the latest in a chain of fatalities attributed to plastic surgeries performed at one Moscow clinic. The Russian mom-of-two’s heart reportedly stopped soon after being given anesthetic in preparation for an April 17 breast enlargement procedure she underwent to surprise her husband.

Reports indicated that it took medical personnel three minutes to get Rakushina’s heart to start beating again. By then, her brain had gone without oxygen for too long, the tabloid reported.

According to the Mirror, Rakushina was hospitalized for 13 months before she succumbed to her injuries. The Russian Investigative Committee has reportedly launched an investigation into her death to determine whether unsafe practices and/or drugs were being used at the unnamed Moscow clinic.

The Daily Mail noted that fears of an “angel of death” loomed as Rakushina was the fifth person to die in recent weeks after undergoing an elective procedure. While the Mirror wrote that the other four women died at a MedLounge clinic, it’s unclear whether it’s the same location where Rakushina had her breast enlargement surgery.

“All of us believed in a miracle and hoped for it,” friend Kristina Korostina said.

“God has taken you. Please know that we loved you. Rest in peace.”


[Featured image: Pixabay]