Infant boy chokes on drug-filled baggie: Report

The mother and grandparents of a 9-month-old New York boy were recently arrested after the infant reportedly choked on a plastic bag containing drugs and nearly died while in their care.

Police responded to the Rochester home at 2 p.m. Sunday, following reports of an unresponsive baby. Upon arrival, first responders performed CPR on Prince DeJesus and opened his airway, but the boy remained unresponsive, according to WHAM.

It wasn’t until DeJesus was transferred to Rochester General Hospital that he was given a dose of Narcan and revived, police said. They also revealed the 9-month-old had choked on a resealable sandwich bag that obstructed his airway, the Democrat & Chronicle reported.

Court papers acquired by WROC and WHAM stated that officers located three bags containing fentanyl, spoons, and hypodermic needles in a first-floor bedroom.

As a result, the infant’s mother, Angeline DeJesus, 21, was charged with endangering the welfare of a child while his grandparents, Edaliz Torres, 48, and Bartolomeo Blackburn, 67, (pictured) were charged with possession of a controlled substance and endangering the welfare of a child.

“I was sitting there, and she [Angeline] was running back and forth to the door, saying, ‘I need help!'” neighbor Rodney Wes recalled witnessing before calling 911.

“I know the feeling, and that’s a scary feeling.”

Hospital officials told WHAM that Prince was discharged from the hospital on Wednesday. However, it’s not immediately known who’s caring for the infant.

Police said additional charges are possibly forthcoming.

[Featured image: Edaliz Torres, Bartolomeo Blackburn/Rochester Police]