Road-rager breaks woman’s arm with bare hands, knocks her fiancee out for cutting him off: Police

A hot-headed Oregon man allegedly broke a woman’s arm and knocked her fiancee unconscious during a suspected road rage incident Friday.

According to, Jay Allen Barbeau, 49, is facing felony assault charges for his barbaric attack on two women. The incident reportedly occurred when the women pulled in front of a truck driven by Barbeau in a traffic jam.

“It was a madhouse down there,” Megan Stackhouse said, explaining to The Bend Bulletin that the bumper-to-bumper traffic was caused by an annual carnival. “We kind of just wanted to get out of there.”

The tiny slight allegedly led Barbeau to slam on the gas and tail the women for blocks. Stackhouse told OregonLive that she ended up pulling over at a roundabout at Southwest Brookswood Boulevard and Southwest Reed Market Road so Barbeau would pass her.

Instead, Barbeau allegedly exited his car and punched out the rear window of their Kia Soul. He then set his sights on the rolled-down driver’s window, where he reportedly snatched Stackhouse’s arm and twisted it until it snapped. Stackhouse claimed he also punched her in the head several times, which broke her glasses.

Fiancee Lucinda Mann exited the vehicle and attempted to diffuse the situation but Barbeau allegedly threw her to the ground. The Bulletin reported that Mann was immobilized for several minutes.

Barbeau was arrested at the scene. Police wrote that he attempted to flee before officers arrived. Stackhouse claimed Barbeau’s passenger had urged him to leave before police responded.

Court documents described Barbeau as being 5-foot-8 and weighing 245 pounds. In addition to assault, he’s facing reckless driving and criminal mischief charges. He’s being held in Deschutes County jail.

OregonLive reported that Stackhouse had pins, screws, and plates inserted into her fractured right radius. Stackhouse told The Bulletin that she and Mann have spent the past few days recovering from their injuries. She said Mann suffered a concussion and neck injury from being thrown to the ground

A shaken-up Stackhouse mused, “What would have happened if he had a gun?”


[Featured image: Jay Allen Barbeau/Deschutes County jail]