‘Mom,’ boyfriend arrested after 9-year-old boy dies weighing 39 pounds

He died weighing only 39 pounds and his body had bruises and bedsores. Now, the mother of a 9-year-old boy and her boyfriend have been arrested.

KPRC-TV reports that prosecutors have charged 27-year-old Ramona Stevenson and 25-year-old Ladesmon Lewis with injury to a child in connection with the death of Dayleon Antoine. The boy was discovered dead in July 2017 at the end of Stevenson’s bed.

In court records, investigators reported finding bruises, cuts, scars and bedsores on Antoine. An autopsy showed he was malnourished, severely dehydrated and appeared to have ingested plastic and paper.

Stevenson said the child had seizures but that she didn’t believe the medication prescribed to him was helpful. She did not refill his medication when one of his siblings tipped a bottle over, according to court records.

Antoine did not go to school or any day care.

Clear signs of trouble emerged in the early morning of July 14, 2017, when Stevenson and Lewis believed the child might have been having a health problem, yet police say the couple didn’t take any action.

Lewis reported that he “kicked” the boy in an attempt to wake him and that the child was “cold to the touch,” but Lewis “did not think anything of it,” court records show. Stevenson later began yelling for Lewis after she found her son “stiff and rigid.”

The boy had not seen a doctor for nearly a year at the time of his death, and Stevenson and Lewis had missed medical appointments.

Police arrested Stevenson in April and Lewis on June 6.

[Feature Photo: Ladesmon Lewis; Ramona Stevenson/Houston Police Department]