VIDEO: Man talks to reporters about body found in creek hours before he’s arrested for mom’s murder

A Pennsylvania man who told reporters that a newly-discovered body was the victim of “some kind of hit” was arrested on murder charges shortly after the body was identified as his mother.

Matthew Haverly, 38, appeared baffled as he talked to WNEP about a then-unidentified body discovered across the street from his Bradford County home on Thursday. The Star Gazette reported that the body suffered blows to the head and was wrapped with a black tarp before it was dumped in Wyalusing Creek.

At the time, Haverly speculated that the victim was the target of a “hit” and was left at the creek since it was a rural area and the killer or killers wanted to plant the body “somewhere else besides wherever the hell they were from.”

“I’m like, ‘What they hell is going on?’ And now I realize that’s what they were actually doing. I had no clue. It’s sad to say that that’s someone’s either daughter, mother or whatever,” he told the local news station Friday.

Hours after Matthew’s on-air commentary, law enforcement confirmed the body was his mother, Patricia Haverly, 60, and arrested him for her murder. The victim’s daughter had reportedly reached out to police, concerned that the woman found at the creek was her mother. The daughter then provided police with a description of Patricia that matched the body, the Gazette reported.

Matthew was reportedly interviewed Friday and told investigators that he hadn’t seen his mother since Thursday evening. According to court documents, Matthew ultimately admitted to getting into an altercation with his mother after returning home from running errands—which he said escalated when she followed him to his bedroom and tried to punch him in his face.

Matthew reportedly told detectives that he grabbed her by the arms and pushed her away before blacking out and not remembering what happened next.

Police executing a search warrant at the Bradford County home late Friday recovered a wheelbarrow and a black tarp matching the one found at the creek, according to the Gazette. A criminal complaint also alleged that damage to numerous doors at the home was consistent with a fight.

The Pennsylvania man is facing murder and abuse of a corpse charges in connection with the May 31 incident. He remains jailed without bail.

[Featured image: Matthew Haverly/WNEP video screengrab]