Kamiyah Mobley: Biological mom says she cut ties with teen for speaking to kidnapper who raised her

The biological mother of a Florida teen who was abducted at birth said she’s cut ties with her daughter for still pursuing a relationship with her kidnapper.

Shanara Mobley, 36, told the Daily Mail that daughter Kamiyah, 19, has refused to sever ties with Gloria Williams—the woman who posed as a nurse and abducted her from a Jacksonville, Florida, hospital in 1998—even after she was sentenced to 18 years last week. Shanara recalled giving birth to Kamiyah at 16 and encountering the woman who would take her and raise her as her own for nearly two decades.

“I was groggy, I was a young girl getting my first epidural. Then this lady comes in, nicely spoken, intelligent woman. She befriended me,” she said.

“She seemed to be really nice and so kind but she was evil at the same time. She was a devil dressed up in sheep’s clothing.”

Shanara claimed investigators initially accused her of selling her own child. She told the tabloid that Williams, 52, had targeted a young mother like her because police may be likely to suspect she had had given their child away.

The ordeal left her so traumatized that she regularly considered committing suicide, Shanara said.

Fast forward to last week and Williams was sentenced to 18 years in prison after pleading guilty to kidnapping and interference. The 52-year-old was arrested after Mobley’s DNA matched that of a baby that was kidnapped from a Jacksonville hospital in 1998.

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As CrimeOnline previously reported, suspicions arose as Mobley—who Williams named Alexis Manigo—was unable to obtain a driver’s license because she didn’t have a Social Security card. Williams reportedly told Mobley about the kidnapping two years before her arrest.

Kamiyah told “Good Morning America” Monday that she lives in South Carolina where Williams raised her but is in contact with her biological family in Florida. However, Shanara told the Mail that she blocked Kamiyah’s number after an ill-fated Mother’s Day meetup that left her feeling “disrespected.”

While Shanara said she’s always open to rekindling a relationship with her estranged daughter, the mother said she still believes Williams should’ve been sentenced to death. Despite her mother’s strong hatred for Williams, Kamiyah reportedly continues to speak with her abductor mother from behind bars.

“Every phone call they share, every Mother’s Day card Kamiyah sends her, it just makes the pain worse,” Shanara said.

“I’m being rejected for a kidnapper, how do you think that feels?”

[Featured image: Kamiyah Mobley, Gloria Williams/Facebook]