Parent’s nightmare comes true: Hospital gives family the wrong baby

A West Virginia family has accused a local hospital of giving them the wrong newborn baby for two hours last week.

According to the Charleston Gazette-Mail, Crystal and Arnold “Junior” Perry had given birth to a boy, named Dawson, at Logan Regional Medical Center on June 12.

Grandmother Barbara Colegrove claimed Arnold went to the nursery Thursday to get Dawson so relatives can see him. Once there, Arnold located a baby where Dawson’s basket was but the identification card only said “Perry” and didn’t mention his height or weight, Barbara said.

The grandmother said Arnold mentioned to a nurse that the number on the ID card said five when the baby had previously been in a basket marked four.

“She said, ‘Oh that’s fine, that’s your baby.’ He thought it was because all he saw was his blonde hair. She just walked over there with a Sharpie marker and crossed off [Room] 205 and wrote 204,” she alleged.

Arnold reportedly then took the baby he thought was Dawson to the room so the family could finally see him. But when he looked through the drawers on the cart he noticed that the onesies and supplies didn’t belong to their son.

Moments later, a nurse reportedly entered the room and asked mother Crystal to see her armband. Crystal said she didn’t think anything of it until the nurse reemerged with another baby—her baby.

The family told the Gazette-Mail that they it was nearly two hours before the hospital corrected the alleged error. According to the report, the other child involved in the mix-up was Colton Perry, the newborn son of Heather Perry, who was located in the room next door.

“We’ve tried to have a baby for seven years, and for something like that to almost happen? Like it was nothing,” the mother told the newspaper.

Heather had a somewhat different account, telling the Gazette-Mail she believes Dawson’s family only had Colton for a “couple seconds.” The newspaper noted that Dawson wasn’t sent to Heather’s room.

She said, “It was an honest mistake. It was the first time [the nurse] saw my baby. The first time [the nurse] had dealt with him. There aren’t that many patients here in Logan. It was an honest mistake.”

The hospital has declined to comment on the incident, citing patient privacy protocol.

[Featured image: Pixabay]