Teen boy moves arms and legs under sheet an hour after presumed dead by paramedics

A Chicago teen, shot in the head multiple times, was presumed dead by paramedics but after they covered his body with a white sheet, onlookers noticed movement, authorities announced Tuesday.

17-year-old Erin Carey, a recent Evanston Township High School graduate, was shot in the head early Monday while reportedly attending a party on Chicago’s West Side, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Paramedics responding to the scene apparently believed the teen to be dead after he suffered serious wounds to the head, according to the media outlet, adding that his body was covered with the sheet for at least an hour before witnesses reportedly noticed his arms and legs twitching.

“He was shot in the head and the prognosis is not too good, Chicago police First Deputy Superintendent Anthony Riccio told reporters Monday. “I do understand that paramedics looked at him, believed him to be deceased, covered him with a sheet and moved on to another individual who was nearby who was also shot.”

Carey clinged to life for nearly 20 hours after being shot twice in the head, according to ABC 7, who added that police believe he “may have been directly involved in the shooting,” citing surveillance video.

911 audio revealed an officer notifying paramedics that Carey appeared to move “from side to side” while under the sheet, CNN reports.

“He is responsive,” the officer said. “He just moved…from side to side and his arms. So he is not dead.”

According to ABC 7, four people ranging in age from 21 to 25 were also wounded in the shooting, and a 22-year-old woman, Shalonza McToy, was pronounced dead at the scene.  

Authorities said they believe the shooting to be gang-related, adding that the surviving victims are not cooperating with investigators.

Carey was pronounced dead at 1:19 a.m. Tuesday after being taken to a local hospital in critical condition. It is not known if the victim’s prognosis could’ve changed had paramedics realized he was still alive upon arrival.

None of the surviving victims are cooperating with police, authorities said.

[Feature Photo: Erin Carey, Evanston Township High School]