Tortured by eczema, woman stabs parents to death in grisly murder-suicide: Cops

A former nursing student who stabbed her parents to death before taking her own life possibly snapped after being fed up with her persistent eczema, Hong Kong police said.

The South China Morning Post reported that Pang Ching-yu, 23, was found dead Monday afternoon with a plastic bag over her head. The bag was connected to a helium gas canister. Ching-yu fatally stabbed her father, 60, in the chest while she stabbed her 56-year-old mother in her chest, waist and legs, according to CNN.

Police said a bloodstained 30-centimeter knife was recovered from the Tuen Mun apartment. Ching-yu left behind a suicide note where she claimed that her persistent eczema made her think she would be “better dead than alive,” according to police.

Also called atopic dermatitis, the Mayo Clinic describes eczema as an incurable, chronic condition marked by red, dry, and itchy skin that’s typically seen in children. People with a personal or family history of asthma or allergies are at an increased risk of having eczema.

CNN reported that Pang Ching-yu had taken to an online forum and blamed her parents for her chronic condition.

“People with eczema giving birth to kids are worse than poor people giving birth to kids,” the post states. “If you’re poor, you can rely on your own hard work. With eczema, sorry, you have to suffer [your whole life] with no change.”

The Morning Post wrote that a toxicology exam will be performed to determine whether the parents were drugged before they were stabbed to death.


[Featured image: Pang Ching-yu/Facebook]