Woman lures her own mother in for ‘manicure,’ tries to suffocate her to death: COPS

Tennessee authorities arrested an Oregon woman on first-degree murder charges after they say she attempted to suffocate her own mother with a plastic bag.

According to WATE, the Loudon County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) reported that 50-year-old Kimberly Martin Hopkins, of Medford, Oregon, arrived for an unannounced visit at her parents’ home in Tellico Village, Tennessee, on Sunday. The woman reportedly hadn’t seen her parents in at least three years before her arrival.

The LCSO said sometime during Hopkins’ visit, she used her mother’s credit card to order helium tanks that were to be delivered to the parent’s home June 16, WBIR reports.

Officers said Hopkins, accompanied by her parents, attended church on June 17, though about 30 minutes into the service she allegedly left to buy clothing from Target, again using her mother’s credit card.  

Upon arriving back to her parent’s home later that day, Hopkins allegedly lured her mother away from her father and into a bedroom where she gave the woman a manicure, complete with applying lotion on her hands, according to WBIR.

Once the mother’s nail service was complete, Hopkins put rubber gloves on each of her mother’s hands, and then zip-tied her wrists, according to officials. The suspect then reportedly placed tape over the woman’s mouth and chin, before placing a plastic bag over her head and  saying, “I have your Alexandrite ring.”

Police said the mother grew scared and subsequently screamed while somehow getting herself out of the chair.. The victim’s husband opened the bedroom door before Hopkins allegedly ran out in an apparent panic, but not without first gathering her “manicure” tools and helium tanks. She then reportedly fled in a rented vehicle.

Authorities arrested Hopkins later that day. She remains at the Loudon County Jail on charges including first-degree murder, two counts of fraud and two counts of theft. A judge set the suspect’s bond amount at $762,000.

[Feature Photo: Kimberly Martin Hopkins/Loudon County Sheriff’s Office]